Pursued by the one who loves you and wants you most. There are two who pursue you, your true love and the one who wants your love for his things and the lies of this world.

Watching a man pursue the woman he loves, can be exciting as he does things to woo her to himself. He studies her and discovers as much as he can about her. He spends time with her drawing her out, getting her to open up to him in ways she never would with just anyone. She tells him her worst fears, her greatest dreams, everything that makes her who she is. When she feels comfortable with him she shares her past, all the hurts, pain, and joys.

The friendship develops and his love for her ever deepens. She starts to fall in love with him as well. The more time they spend together the deeper the love relationship goes. So, when they are apart it is as if a part of them is missing. They desire to be together and can’t wait for the return.

That is how it is with our heavenly Father. He pursues us. The thing is He already knows our deepest pains, hurts, and joys. He knows our dreams, fears, and who we are. He just helps us to find those things and go deeper with Him. He draws us to Himself. Our love for Him grows and we want to spend all of our time with Him. Talking to Him. Doing things with Him.

So when we stop talking to Him and move away after something else, His heart breaks and He wants us to come back to Him. He calls our name and wants us for Himself. He pursues us with His strength and wants to protect us and provide for us. We just need to let Him. When we realize what we’ve lost as we moved away from Him, we need to pursue Him and find Him again.

I think of Song of Solomon and how the woman had a wonderful thing. Her lover had saved her from the harshness of life and was providing her with his love. But when he came to her she did not let him in. Then she missed him and went to pursue him.
God pursues us with an everlasting love. Will you pursue Him as well.

Prayer:  Father, may we pursue you with all of our heart, soul, and mind. May we want to spend time with You and miss every moment we are away from You. Draw us ever closer to You and Your love for us. May we go deeper into Your everlasting arms and allow You to hold us tight. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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