Speaking Engagements

profile pic_webI am passionate about encouraging women and families through my speaking engagements. My focus comes from my life experiences and The Word of God. I’m available to come and motivate your community of people. Find my contact information below.

These are the types of events I have been privileged to speak at over the last decade: Christian camp, Women’s ministries, Conferences and Training.

Topics include but not limited to:

Seasons of Life

A walk through Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, looking at the various seasons that we all go through during our lifetime. This message was given to a group of women, but is foundational for all people.

Leaving a Legacy – 4 part series but has been condensed to one message

We all want to leave a positive legacy, but sometimes there are things that can challenge us and turn us aside from what God has for us. Leaving a Legacy follows David and his family from the Bible. It also looks at the four components that goes into Leaving a Legacy worth passing on to your children. This topic encourages parents in living out their lives before their children.

Planting Seeds of Faith

As parents we all want to see our children grow in their personal relationship with Jesus. During this presentation, we look at the things that we as parents can intentionally do to encourage our children in their faith walk.

Learning Styles

How many times have you seen someone bouncing a leg or twiddling their thumbs while you are speaking? This is because they are kinesthetic learners. They are actually paying attention to you. We each learn differently. There are several different learning styles we take the time to look at them and see how we and others learn best. This topic is best suited for those who teach others in any setting.

Classroom Management and Discipline

To communicate clearly it is important to be able to keep the attention of all learners. Sometimes it is a challenge, but with good classroom management and discipline you too can make an impact on the lives of others. This topic is also best suited for those who teach others in any setting.

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