Finding rest in the Journey

Have you ever started out on a journey and not quite known where you were going or what you would find? You aren’t quite sure what you will need for the journey?

That is how my sabbatical began. All I knew was that I was to go on a Sabbatical with God during the 12 weeks that my son is gone to work at camp. This journey was to include a time of rest and refreshment from serving at our church and a time of searching for direction with my business and writing. It was to include some serious time alone with God in studying His Word. This is my summer journey with God.

Come join me as I share this adventure with God. May you walk with me and be encouraged. May you be challenged in your own walk with the Lord as you see His hand in my life. May He encourage you to find rest in Him.

Be Still, and Know that I AM GOD. Psalm 46:10

Each blog entry will find me reflecting on the things that God is revealing to me while I rest in Him. My reflection I pray will give Him the honor and glory for what He is doing in my life and how He is my everything. May He put a new bounce in my step as He heals me from the inside out. A new song in my heart as I find my strength and peace in Him.

So, come and join me on my Sabbatical Journey with God. Summer 2014


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