Blessed Beyond Imagination

Reflecting on 2014, I found that God has  Blessed Me Beyond Imagination. He has done some amazing things. Some things may seem so simple and normal, but yet when I see it through God’s eyes it is a huge blessing that I never thought possible.

I have been blessed with many friends who have been the hands of God for me. I’ve had friends who have been there as support at doctor appointments. Some who have provided a listening ear, allowing me to bounce frustrations, ideas, and thoughts off of them. They even have helped me to process various trials in my life. Another friend and her family provided actual physical help as they mowed my lawn all summer and painted my house. Friends are such a blessing that many times are overlooked, but God has brought them into my life to Bless Me Beyond Imagination.

My family is a blessing to challenge me to grow in Christ as well as to be an encouragement to each other. This year we had an uncle pass away. My sisters and I traveled to the memorial service to support our cousin. What a blessing to hear the truth of how hard he was on those around him. We remembered some of those harsh things. But we also heard how he was locked in his own harshness. The pastor referred to a book that talked about being locked up with the doors wide open. It reminded me of some other people I know who are locked up inside their fears and not seeing the doors open right before them. There are times I can have that feeling of being locked up even though there are other ways out. We were able to encourage one another as we processed the things of life and had a great time remembering our youth.

Through the years God has laid some family members on my heart. I have been praying for them. It was refreshing to hear that they are listening to the Word being proclaimed and asking questions. Are they seeking God or some way to discredit those who believe in Jesus. That is what went through my mind. But I have come to realize that they are hearing the Word of God and it will NOT return void. Maybe one day they will see that Jesus loves them and wants a personal relationship with them. I continue to pray for their salvation.

I am Blessed Beyond Imagination to have family that shares the truth regarding the past, works through the past together, and seeks the Lord whether as a searcher for the Truth or to grow deeper in the Word.

God has blessed me in usual and unusual ways financially. He has allowed me the opportunity to be a substitute teacher in several schools. This school year I was asked to fulfill long term sub positions for a teacher who had surgery, a teacher who had a baby and another teacher who is also going to have a baby. Guaranteed work days and guaranteed income. A usual way of income by working a regular job.

Through LightHouse PowerHouse Ministries I have been able to make some income by teaching CPR and being a consultant in a couple of areas. The coolest blessing came when looking back over the year to find that I had several new clients helping the business to grow. Another blessing that was related to the business has been with the restructuring of it; first, with the formation of an advisory board, and second, with the changes in services offered. Through these people and processes I have been able to receive extra help and encouragement. Another usual source of income self employment and the growth of the business.

An unusual source of financial blessing came from a settlement of my auto accident from 2012. The settlement came through out of court and was sufficient to pay all the bills associated with the accident and the case and a little more to take care of some other much needed things. God provided an amazing attorney who did a great job, a great mediator who knew what he was doing, and perfect timing for all that was going on in my life. Blessed Beyond Imagination by those involved in the situation.

Because God has Blessed Me Beyond Imagination in 2014, I have been able to bless others in various ways. It is so refreshing and revitalizing to be able to bless others. A joy overflows from a heart that has been Blessed Beyond Imagination. From that heart comes other blessings and opportunities to bless.

All I can do is praise God and thank Him for His many Blessings Beyond Imagination.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your many blessings. You are so awesome and know what I need when I need it. You have blessed me with friends, family, and finances in such usual and unusual ways that it puts me in awe of You and Your love for me.

Thank you for Blessing Me Beyond Imagination.

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